Saturday, August 3, 2013

Does not feel we had at the end of 2013 . Hopefully online business on the run all my friends getting ahead in the year 2013 . At the end of this year I want to share info about Business online HYIP and common understanding of the business of online HYIP . So my friends all know the risks of online HYIP business . Okay straight to the core of his discussion . What is a HYIP ? HYIP or High Yield Investment Program or Program With High Profit Investment is an investment program to grow and thrive, especially on the internet . The development of new HYIPs on the Internet itself felt around the year 2003 - 2004 and from 2005 has also become rampant and until there is an Indonesian who started this business . There are so many HYIPs currently made with intent to deceive , especially for those who do not understand about the risks and dangers of investing in HYIP . HYIPs are implementing " Ponzi scheme" is a scheme whereby people who enter the program first gets the profit from those who entered later , and if there is no incoming or incoming reduced , then the program will be closed ( scam ) . HYIP yourself today many use the internet currency ( e-currency/e-money ) like Liberty Reserve , e -gold , e -wallet , asia -wallet , etc. . Some of them there is also the use of e - point , or by bank transfer or " Bank - Wire " . After the fall of the E - Gold , Liberty Reserve e - currency is the most widely used today for HYIP investment . The types of HYIP HYIP's are many and varied are currently available on the internet . There is no payment of the amount of HYIP is paying 0.1 % per day even up to 1000 % per day . HYIP is paying over 5 % per day is usually made ​​with the goal of 100 % cheat , longest monthly . There HYIP that pays per - day , per - week , per month and there is also a pay -per- hour , per - minute and even per - second . HYIPs that pay- per - hour , per - minute and per - second is also made for the purpose of deceiving the usually closed within weeks. From the way there are 3 kinds of the usual way by HYIP namely : Manual - payment ( withdrawal ) must be approved in advance by the administrator ( admin ) new HYIP paid to you between 1-48 hours after you ask for payment or profit has been due to the transfer via direct e - currency . Instant - the direct payment is received you after you request payment ( withdrawal request ) and then also transferred to the e - currency account without the need to be approved by the admin of HYIP . Automatic - the payment will be transferred directly to e-currency account without asking you first. Where to Invest Money We HYIP ? Many HYIP programs that claim they invest the money of investors to stocks , indexes , options , bonds and forex . It may be true that they offer a small profit to the investor ( under 3 % per day ) . Especially for HYIPs who claim they put money in the forex investor can profit great indeed if lucky but if the loss was too great , but the admin is already experienced in the field of forex . So if anyone who claims they HYIP investors put money in stocks , indexes , options , and bonds and offer advantages above 3 % per day , most likely it 's just a ponzi scheme . Many also admin of HYIP investors that put money in other HYIP programs as well that would offer a higher profit , so money investors dialed in lakes as well . This is also done by local HYIP ( Indonesia) , so when the program is closed they invest their money , then they will also be closed as well . But many HYIPs are made of the first with the purpose of deceiving , so the money is not invested anywhere, so they usually put the target when it reaches a certain amount will be closed ( scam ) itself . There also are investing money into the real sector , but it is a very small percentage . conclusion Some HYIP 's are divided into several types : Scammer . This program only collects any investment and provide payments to investors as a stimulus for greater investment . Once a large amount of investment , they disappear ... Burglar . HYIP managers actually do forex trading , but they are not experts . Like this would make HYIP they manage quickly go bankrupt . Business HYIP HYIP to invest another member ( broker ) . HYIP managers actually have a team of trading ( investment manager ) is good . HYIPs are usually of this type can last for years . Unfortunately , online is very difficult to determine the type of management of HYIP programs . Nevertheless , we can still draw a big advantage in several ways . HYIP Criteria Eligible For Followed From my experience , there are several criteria HYIP decent enough for you to invest your money and probably you will profit or at least not lose much when investing , HYIP is at least 8 of 11 must meet the following criteria : HYIP must have been in operation at least more than 30-60 days , do not invest your money into HYIP less than 30 days ( 1 month ) . Unless you want to hit and run strategy . HYIPs have to pay it rarely problematic , seldom late or HYIPs that good rating in the eyes of investors during the term or duration of operation . You can check on the user rating , or in the forums . Profit is proposing should be reasonable ( 1 % - 4 % or below 5 % per day ) , if the above was not going to last a long time and it is impossible to years , age may be weekly or monthly . Site seldom troubled program or rarely down , if the site is too often down or problematic will be difficult for investors to withdraw their money if the payment system manually or instant HYIP and usually will be closed ( scam ) Investment plans have not changed or no addition of new investment plan within a period of 1 year have not been operating HYIP . HYIPs typically offer a new program with a higher profit than the old program means it's about to close , and if the offer mean the HYIP profit decline was lack of funding Minimum investment of over $ 1 or at least $ 5 . $ 1 logically inappropriate to be used for investment Site security should have some sort of DDOS protection , SSL 128 bit and so forth . HYIP sites which have thus safer from attack by hackers and indicate them seriously , because they spend huge capital to purchase the protection program . His website is not produced using scripts market are sold by sellers script . You must be able to distinguish when you 've often been in the HYIP . Site should have access to the database in the sense you can register, login and check the results of your investment . Many HYIP Indonesia, which offers investment via SMS which was 100 % cheat . If overseas many HYIPs also access the site just to deposit money into their accounts and database features without having to check the status of the investment . Choose HYIP many advertisements ( banner ) on other sites , because that means they have advertised the great capital out indicates they are serious . Hopefully with this information my friends all know the risks of the business and also the business benefits HYIP HYIP . Thank you and may be useful ..


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