Saturday, November 30, 2013

When we talk about online business should we think about the factors that affect online businesses . Well , an update tonight I want to share about the factors that need to be noticed in both offline and online business . These are just following factors to note in the offline and online business : 1 . knowledge Not only knowing how to manage and market the product . Knowing the process of making a product is also very important . Suppose you want to start an online business , you have to understand first how the online business process , and master the techniques and tricks with good promotion . Better Better yet, if your product has been marketed offline you can also a way to market your business online if you already know the system and its processes , this course can be used as the first key to success in starting your online business 2 . experience Without experience , you learn science as well be in vain . Experience is the best teacher . To gain experience , do not be afraid to try and experiment . In the business world , the failure of the ordinary . From failure you can fix it for the better . 3 . Focus on the business carried on The big advantage and success in business is everyone's goal . Even so , you also need to pay attention to the business activities carried on . If you just think about the progress and success in business and profits , then you can just take a shortcut to get it all quickly . But if so businesses can survive and advance ? It seems not . Therefore , hard work and focus of what will be made at this time is very important to achieve success in business . 4 . Choose the goods or services that have a high demand Select the goods or services that have a high demand of prospective buyers . We see some of the opportunities and needs of the people 's purchasing power increases, there is no harm we market a product / service to sell through online . 5 . It is advisable not choose goods berstock For example , there is an online store with brand names but at the time the buyer want to choose a product in its immediate offline stores , online stores do not have stock , the store just took the existing supplier at the time of the transaction . Because the only services offered and services only. As a beginner , is one safe way to explore how large a market on the value of an item . 6 . Needed by area / Other areas . It is better if you choose a product that will be marketed , not just at the point of sale only locally but the broader market sector is also in need . Minimal to many cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta , Bandung , Semarang , Surabaya and other areas that have similar growth rates and characteristics . Find a product / service that can be used or desirable towns also . 7 . Higher margins obtained . If we could sell on customer confidence , serve wholeheartedly , honest and can define the product to be sold, the buyer will be returned to us . Customers will be generous and will not discuss a price if you can guarantee what the customer satisfaction itself. Satisfaction they will make their transactions more air and not so memsoallahkan price . Hopefully a description of the factors that need to be noticed in the above is useful for business friends or readers of all .. "thank you".
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  1. i like your advices & techniques on doing online offline business. this would be helpful for everyone to grow business..