Saturday, November 30, 2013

Hardly anyone pays up all the money upfront for purchasing the car. If there are ample sources and ways in which the cars can be financed, then why to pay all money in one go. It is much more convenient to take out a small monthly charge on your salary or monthly income for a couple of years by paying a fraction of the money upfront. Then there are the obvious benefits of the tax deductions to be availed which can reduce your taxable income, reducing you tax liability as well.There is one more aspect to the benefit of the car finance facility. For some reason, if you have to sell your car after paying the full money instalment, you will find few takers of the car who will give you this big money upfront unless you reduce your car prices to very low levels. So, the car finance is helpful in many was and that is why people take this route of financing. The different types of Car finance which are normally offered are the Business and the Personal car finance. The business cars can be financed in different ways. Some of these methods are given below: A. Car Lease: Here the financer purchases the car on behalf of the customer and leases the same to him under agreement. The customer is under obligation to pay up the residual value of the car to the financer at the end of the term of the car lease. If the customer seeks to purchase the car from the financer, the latter may also consider financing the same. The main benefit of this lease car finance is that the customer gets quick access to the car without having to spend the sum towards its purchase. Since the title of the car is in the name of the financer, it will not tie up or make liability claims on the car as an asset of the customer. B. Commercial Hire purchase: Here again it is the financer who purchases the car but he hires the same to the customer on hire-purchase terms. On the payment of the final instalment, the ownership or the title to the same passes to the customer. C. Chattel Mortgage Car finance: Herein the financer takes the loan to purchase the car in the name of the customer but he also places a charge on the car for the same. So, the ownership is with the customer but the financer has the right to take the control of the car under his possession if the customer misses to pay his due to the financer. D. Novated Lease: In this method of the business car financing, the owner or the employer arranges for a car to be given to the employee with a charge on his or her salary. The responsibility of payment rests with the employee only, even if he changes the employment. These methods of car finance are normally used by the people depending on their comfort and convenience of managing their finances.


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